Marco Lorè was born  in Genoa  in  June the 4th 1974. Degree in psychology, he  obtained

a  diploma  in   graphic  arts  at  the  " Scuola

Internazionale del Fumetto" in Florence.


After attending the courses in photography at the  prestigious  " John Kaverdash School" in Milan, he  began  collaborating  with different 

fashion designers such as Ana Pires,Algiodini, Stefania Baldi Fashion, Enzo Garavaglia, Ma-

rio Rusconi Leather Bags, MR Sartoria, Kikka

Spose, Dea  Pagana, Anton  Giulio  Grande

and so on.

​He has been published in Italian and internati-

onal magazines, webzines, fanzines, and web

sites  such  as  Secret, ll Fotografo, Dark Spy, Overnewsmagazine, Virtuosité Mag, Neahma-

gazine, Bogamia, Elléments, Féroce and many others.

Actually, he's collaborating with I.S.A. Image

Studio Academy, an academy for make up

artists and stylists in Genoa.

For him, photography  is  everything, a  great opportunity  to  represent  a  huge  part of his

own life.